Teeth Whitening & fillings

Teeth Whitening

Perfecting your smile can be something which you may not think about often unless it is clear to you and to others that your teeth has some defects. It is important to feel comfortable in the way with your smile this is why looking for the many options to perfect your smile is important.

Normally most dentistry services provide things such as:

Imagine achieving a smile that you have always dreamed of. That would be life changing!  The Perfect Smile Studios offer similar services, so get in touch today to see what they can do for you.

Closeup of dentist tools and mouth open with beautiful teeth


The materials used to repair and replace teeth are also important with respect to their biological tolerance and compatibility.

Toxicity and sensitivity to non-biological materials are things we at Luton Dental Practice believe definitely need to be taken into consideration, as these can vary greatly from person to person. For this reason at our practice we are very careful with the materials we choose to place in people’s mouths.

We do not use Silver Amalgam fillings as we believe there is sufficient doubt about its safety because of its Mercury content.