veneers process

What is it like to get veneers?

Is getting veneers the right choice for me?

Anyone can have veneers if they want to get a dental concern fixed.

People who have not had veneers may think it is a long, invasive procedure that does not make much of a difference.

Those people are wrong.

The veneers process

Getting a set of veneers is not a process that will require a lot of time and preparation for the patient.

You won’t need to worry about any teeth being drilled or shaved.

All you need to know about the operation is that:

  • There is little pain experienced
  • It is completed in three appointments – and that includes your free consultation
  • The patient is given local anaesthesia
  • There can be minimal soreness of the gums once the procedure is complete

Undergoing the procedure to get veneers can feel scary.

But if you go to the right dentist it won’t feel as bad.

One of the most popular dentists in the UK that provide veneers Gentle Dental.

Their team of dentists make explain the veneers process, the outcomes you will get after the procedure and provide you with all the information you will need to know before the procedure.

Deciding to get any cosmetic treatment is one that requires a lot of time and full trust in the dentist.

Rather than look around for a dentist that will overpromise and under deliver, choose a reputable company that have years of experience in delivering high-quality veneers.

Different types of veneers

Two main different types of veneers are popular amongst dental patients.

The different veneer options are provided as each patient has different expectations and requirements for their teeth.

Composite Resin veneers are reversible, able to stain, last between 3 to 10 years and are ideal for price-conscious consumers.

Porcelain veneers are an irreversible product, they are stain-resistant, last between 10 to 20 years and mimic light better.

Be sure to consult with your dentist regarding the different types of veneers so you pick the ones that best suit your dental requirements.